Personal Injury Photography and 'Day-In-The-Life' Video for Litigation




Personal Injury Photography provides photographic documentation to show the scene, extent of the injury, scarring or long term disability resulting from an incident or accident. These images can be taken soon after occurrence to display initial injury, or at a later date to show long-term scarring, disability, or other evidence. 

Each Personal Injury Photography session will include:

- one full body image plus one headshot or identification purposes

- close-ups of injury or scarring from various angles 

- measurements of scarring (where applicable)

- other physical objects damaged during accident (attire, vehicles, etc... upon request)

Images are offered in colour and black and white and will be a true representation of the injury.

Each Personal Injury session takes 1-2 hrs and includes digital images on a USB drive plus 4x6 prints of each image. Larger prints can be ordered for an additional fee. Images will be presented within two weeks of the date the photos were taken. Rush orders are accommodated at no additional charge when possible.




'Day-In-The-Life' Videos demonstrate how the quality of life has changed or been affected after an accident or incident. These videos show how a client struggles to do daily tasks and activities.


Each 'Day In The Life' video of will include:

- 10-15 minute final video on USB

- footage of various actions and activites that have been affected from the injury

- photos from before the accident incorporated into video (when supplied)

- audio or text narrative explaining footage

- interview with client (if comfortable being filmed while speaking)

Each 'Day In The Life' video will take between 3-4 hours to film and will be occur in the client's home to show the difficulties of physical movement during daily activites. Other locations (gym, park, street, vehicle) can be included if relevant. A preview of the video will be offered for approval within 3 weeks of video session date and editing requests can be made before final video is produced. The final video will be presented within 6 weeks of the date of filming. Rush orders are accommodated at no additional charge when possible.




Photography & Videography Combo offers complete visual evidence with still images of a client's injuries plus a 'Day In The Life" video to demonstrate the struggles of life after an accident.



*mileage will be charged at .50¢ km over 50 kms round trip from Gananoque, ON